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Guarding Services


Guarding services are essential to protect information,assets and people of the premises.below furnished points will be monitored strictle to ensure smooth function of operations.

  • Agency must have PSARA licence to operate the security business or they would have applied.
  • Trained security staff with adequate quality.
  • Skilled staff to monitor CCTV and must update all suspicious movements to the immediate senior.
  • Patrolling security need to be placed for efficient monitoring.
  • Main gate and exit controls need efficient guards to manage traffic float.
  • DFMB(Door frame metak Detector),HHMD (Hand Held metal detectors) need ti be placed at Main gate.
  • Frequent announcement(voice based) PA eqpt has to be placed in regrads with safety of children,personal belongings and DO's & DONTS at the premises.
  • Mufti guards(Civil Dress) to be deployed for extra vigilance to identify defaulters and to safe guard property.
  • Fire drills / Mock Drills must be carried out future needs.