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About ACP Facility Management Service Pvt Ltd


ACP FACILITY MANAGEMENT PRIVATE LIMETED has emerged as most efficient and professional outsourcing partener since a decade.Understandig basic principles of managing facility and allied services is primary tool at ACP FMS.Customer need,type of service,risk analysis,attrition rates and reasons,other factors impacting on services are well measured at ACP to ensure un-inturrepted services are delivered to customers.

Research and development on "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" is a never ending process at ACP.Sourcing and training is the major tool for any FMS organization to serve various needs of customers in current scenario.ACP have vast and innovative ideas in the field of sourcing and training which are delighting the facility of customer.

ACP Work closely with customers to bring world class experience in each segment with its uniqueness in sourcing, training and monitoring day to day operations.ACP have acquired all licences to serve various employment categories as well as specific liences applicable to operate centrain crucial employement categories.

ACP have experts presence on board from FMD,Retail,MEP,Supply chain,hotel industry,infra,ARMED Forces,Retd statutory heads and Pharma industry to understand various customer needs and to design site specific SOPS's which may help us in smooth functionality of any premises.ACP FMS Pvt Ltd have vide range of services under one roof to ensure our customer is focusing on their core business.

ACP FMS strictly adhere to the statutory compliance issued vide various notifications from state and central govt from time to time.Observations say,deviations in adhering minimum wages act may attract,short fall of manpower,penalties from statutory bodies,trade union entry and impact on productivity.ACP recommend principle employer to adhere and pay the contractual charges within the parameters of employment acts and some tims in view of operational excellence.our retention schemes and unique recruitment system stay concrete in all our assignments irrespective of place,quantity and time.

Facility Management spectrum has joined under the roof of FACILITY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION OF INDIA(FMAI) since years to bring the global standards at all the agencies.As a association we have identified the common trouble and imparting various training programs which have bought tremendous change in service delivery.ACP is a pride member of FMAI and have exchanged certain ideology in fraternity.

We assure you of our professional and prompt services at all the times as we have stated in this profile,subject to adhering to the wages act and remuneration towards rendering services with excellence.