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Janitor Services


Janitor Services refers to reduce bacteria levels from the floor and to cater clean ambience to customers who visit the permises.

  • Man and mechanized cleaning areas will be marked on audit sheet.
  • Manpower will be deployed based on cleaning needs and crowd at week days and week ends.
  • A Comprehensive SOP/Checklist for each area will be installed and implemented.
  • Single disc scrubber,dry and wet vaccume machines,walk-behind flipper to clean common areas,dry vaccume machines,Hi-pressure jet pumping machines for water washing at steps area.
  • Cleaning agents/consumables will be charged on actual consumption.
  • GSA/HK shall be equipped with cleaning schedule and duty card for effective cleaning.
  • Onsite trainings will be imparted to staff towards usage of chemicals,dilutions and machine operating.
  • Weekly/monthly periodical audits will be carried out to rate the services for future improvements.
  • Agreement will be signed with comprehensive scope of work.